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  • Our Dental Marketing Focus

    We won't rest until you're dental practice is leading - now and in the future.

    Dental Marketing DDS digital web and mobile


    Don't get left behind. Transform your dental practice and take the lead.  Establish an engaging customer journey across all your digital touchpoints.

    Dental Marketing DDS social


    Empower your patients.  Engage your customers and advocates to promote and discuss the areas where you excel.  See your business grow!

    Dental Marketing DDS ROI


    Change the game.  Keep focused on the key indicators that matter the most including financial and social impact.  Then implement those capabilities that will provide maximum value.

  • What We Do

    Dental digital transformation & customer analysis

    Digital Transformation & Customer Analysis

    $5-10K initial assessment

    We look at your business top to bottom and make recommendations regarding what you need to do to transform your business.  Then we do it.

    Dental social media strategy & operation

    Social Media Strategy & Operation

    $5K initial assessment & setup; $500 monthly

    We assess your current state and implement leading strategies to give you the edge over your competition. With regular content posts, you are able to control the message and engage in your customers in new ways.

    Dental search marketing strategy & operation

    Search Marketing Strategy & Operation

    SEO - $2,500 initial assessment & setup; $500 monthly

    SEM - $2,500 initial assessment & setup; variable monthly

    We analyze and recommend the best search marketing strategy leveraging leading practices.  Once implemented, we will continue to optimize and improve search effectiveness across SEO & SEM.

    Dental display advertising strategy & operation

    Display Advertising Strategy & Operation

    $2,500 initial assessment & setup; variable monthly

    We assess the opportunity to target customers using leading advertising practices such as demographic, re-targeting or social.  Working to develop advertisements and campaigns and manage  & optimze ongoing efforts.

    Dental customer relationship strategy & management

    Customer Relationship Strategy & Management

    $5K initial assessment & setup; $500 monthly

    We analyze your most important piece of your business -- your customer.  First by understanding your customer then supporting ideal interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.  This would include items such as CRM, DMP and/or marketing automation.

    Dental custom dental marketing projects

    Custom Dental Marketing Projects


    We will work with you to customize the project to suit you and your practice.  Based on years of experience, we have found that many facets are key to customer success -- and we want to help you grow your business and see enormous returns on your investment.

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